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Single-Line Parallel Systems

Lincoln's CentroMatic grease system is commonly referred to as a single-line parallel system. As confusing as the name may sound the operating principle is relatively easy to grasp...

Take a comb for example: 


Much like how the teeth of a comb are connected by a run of plastic along its base so too are the injectors of a CentroMatic lubrication system. The injectors all share a common grease supply line. Whereas a Progressive system such as Lincoln's QuickLub or ModLube will hydraulically lock if one lubrication point becomes blocked, a CentroMatic system will continue to dispense grease to any point that remains unblocked regardless of the condition of the rest of the system. 

Before Centro-Matic systems became popular a majority of lubrication systems were Dual-Line systems. Dual line systems are incredibly reliable and can service a sizable number of lubrication points, however, as the name suggests the systems require two separate piping runs to actuate the system. This results in very large installation costs which more often than not out price potential customers. 

it was this large price difference that inevitably fueled the design of single line systems effectively halving the cost of installation materials. 

The end result that exists today is a cost effective lubrication system that is able to service a broad variety of industries. 

CentroMatic Grease Injectors:

Lincoln offers a wide range of Injectors including both stainless and carbon steel models to fit both customer's needs and their respective price points. 

Each injector is externally adjustable allowing greater control over volume delivered to the bearing. 

All CentroMatic grease injectors are equipped with visual indicator pins to help verify that bearings are receiving grease. It is tempting for new owners to put their feet up and treasure the reliability of a Lincoln grease system but it is important to continue to monitor the injectors for proper cycling. Should a blockage occur regular surveillance will ensure a timely repair without jeopardizing a costly bearing. 

Strengths                                                           Weaknesses:

Medium - Long pumping ranges                                             Expensive to monitor every injector

   Easily expandable systems                                                                                                  

 Externally Adjustable Injectors

      Independent Injectors 

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