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SKF -- CLK Chain Lubrication Solution

The SKF ChainLube airless oil projection system, CLK, is a reliable, food-safe, easy to use solution for accurate automatic roller chain lubrication.

The system includes a central unit that delivers a precisely metered volume of lubricant to the points of friction of each chain link whilst the chain is in operation. A control unit is preset to the preferred timing for lubricant application. Airless projection nozzles have no mechanical contact with the chains thus minimizing applicator wear and dirt accumulation. The main components, tubing/nozzles etc, are resistant to corrosion and suitable for a wide range of temperatures. All of these features make this solution suitable for the particular requirements of the Food and Beverage industry as well as applications sensitive to over lubrication where minimal quantity of lubricant is desired.

User Manual -- CLK Brochure

Automated Lubrication Features:

The CLK lubrication system has an integrated control unit. This user friendly control unit allows the user to set a lubrication program according to his needs. The automatic lubrication process can be intermittent , semi automatic or continuous.

There are two parameters to be set: the duration of the lubrication cycle in time and the number of chain roller to be lubricated during the lubrication phase. The length of the pause phase depends on the total number of lubrication points and the duration of the lubrication cycle.

The control unit also allows the user to monitor the level of lubricant in the reservoir and the proper functioning of the proximity switch.


• Helps prevent foreign body ingress                                    • Improves productivity by eliminating unplanned downtime
   thereby helping producers support the
   HACCP* process in producing safe food.

• Reduces maintenance costs (lubricants                             • Experience longer service life resulting from reduced chain wear.
   and lubrication tasks compared to manual

• Eliminates risk of lubrication points being                          • Reduces energy consumption through decreased friction.
   missed through human error

• Enhances operator safety by reducing                               • Better cleanliness by reducing excess lubricant consumption.
   intervention for maintenance

At the heart of the CLK's simple design exists a plug and play solution tailored around ease of installation. The CLK is a cost effective upgrade for many different roller chain applications not just those found in the food and beverage industry. If you are interested in learning more about this system and how it might help improve the life of your organizations chains please feel free to contact, Cleve Hudspeth, 804-748-5523, or by email: and he will gladly assist your with your project.  


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