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Dual-Line Lubrication Systems

Dual-Line systems are most noticeable for their robust dependability and their incredible pumping distance. If one was interested in buying a lubrication system for life a dual-line system will certainly outlast any other alternative on the market. The initial investment is higher than most other systems, however, a majority of the cost is tied into the pump and the controller. Once a the essentials are purchased then the customer can easily expand in the future up to 1000 lubrication points.


Dual-Line systems can pump incredibly long distances and service a large amount of lubrication points. Some of the most common industries that take advantage of Dual line systems include Steel Manufacturing, Food and Beverage Manufacturers, and the Pulp and Paper Industry to name a few but any large scale operation stands to benefit from the robustness of an SKF dual-line lubrication system. 


Strengths                                                                    Weaknesses:

Very Long Pumping Ranges                                                             Expensive to monitor every injector

  Easily Expandable System                                                              Not Suited for Small Scale Operations     

    Tamper Proof Metering Devices                                                   

Can Service a Large # of Points                                                                                      

        Incredibly Reliable

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