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  Heavy Lifting & Rigging  

Four Square Industrial Constructors has a great deal of experience carrying out complex and highly technical industrial lifts including equipment removal, dismantling, rigging and relocation projects. Many of these projects were performed on active facilities and plants were the health and safety of nearby operations was of the utmost importance... 

    Our Professional Engineers are skilled in:
    • Crane or Hand Rigged Methodologies
    • Through the Front Door or the Wall
    • Moved In One Piece or Disassembled
    • Below Grade or High In the Sky


    Four Square Industrial Constructors completes every rigging project with the highest regard for precision, schedule, cost effectiveness, and their strict safety standards.

    If you are in need of assistance executing a lift, large or small, please feel free to contact us with additional information regarding your project and our team of engineers and project managers will get to work planning every step of the lift from the rigging design to takeoff and touchdown. 

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