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Modular Lube

Lincoln's Modular Lube system is commonly referred to as QuickLub's big brother. Where QuickLub's metering blocks comprise of solid manifolds with equal output across all outlets, Modular Lube metering blocks are made up of individual sections that will inevitably be fastened together to make a custom divider block to suit the customers needs.

QuickLub's biggest drawback lies in the fact that the metering devices are dependent on each other, whereas, Modular Lube was designed from the ground up to allow for independent sizing of outlets. With Modular Lube, metering blocks can swapped out in seconds without affecting the other lines attached to manifold which make maintaining and changing existing systems a breeze later on down the road. 

Modular Lube is still in and of itself a progressive lubrication system. Should a Lubrication point become blocked the entire system will lock up. It has been known for Quicklub systems to block in a fashion that allows grease to pass though a locked cylinder and continue to fire the rest of the system leaving a bearing to be starved in the process. Modular Lube systems have the tightest tolerances of the Lincoln family of products ensuring that a blocked lubrication point will never go unnoticed. 


 Strengths                                                                                                                       Weaknesses

    Incredibly Versatile                                                                               Sensitive to contamination

    Easier installations                                                           

      Can be Upgraded in future

        Very simple to maintain


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