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  QuickLub Lubrication Systems  

Lincoln's QuickLub system is also known as a progressive system. Progressive in the sense that the metering devices build off one another. If one meter is to block all of the other meters in the system will also lockup. What sounds like an inherent flaw in the system's design actually proves to be a major benefit...

A bearing without lubricant will not remain a bearing for long. Recognizing that a lubrication system is no longer servicing the machinery allows the user to respond quickly and restore lubricant flow to the bearings.

Most noticeable will be the pressure relief valve attached to the pump will vent grease from the hydraulically locked system.

Troubleshooting a Lincoln QuickLub system is fairly straightforward. Simply pump grease into the inlet of each metering block and wait for the pump to stall. If it continues to fire for more than few seconds you know that the block is functioning, otherwise, it is time to replace the block. 

Aside from the ease of troubleshooting, a QuickLub system is by far the most affordable option for a small to medium scale lubrication systems. The larger the scale of the system and the more diverse the bearing sizes the more time that will need to be taken during the design phase to ensure that all lubrication points are receiving enough grease. At a certain point it becomes advantageous to customers to look into Lincoln's CentroMatic or Modular Lube  line of products.  


Like all Lincoln grease systems the Quicklub system utilizes a pump to move grease through a supply line and into a primary metering block. Small systems might only use one metering block to feed bearings in close proximity, however, it is also very common for the first block in a progressive system to feed secondary blocks which then feed their respective bearings. Below you will find a detailed video which illustrates the operating principles...

 Strengths                                                                                                             Weaknesses 

Small to Medium Scale Projects                                                            Sensitive to Contamination

  Easy to Troubleshoot                                                  Diverse Bearing Sizes Require Large Metering Blocks


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