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About Us

Four Square Industrial Constructors, LLC. is a full-service industrial construction company with a special emphasis toward the process and manufacturing industries. From the drawing board to startup, Four Square Industrial Constructors team of professional engineers, estimators, project managers and schedulers assist our customers with:

· Budgeting
· Planning
· Scheduling
· Construction of time sensitive projects.

The multiple requirements of our clients are supported on every project by the skills of our millwrights, ironworkers, pipe fitters, and subcontractors.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Four Square Industrial Constructors, LLC is to provide construction services to the Industrial Market place, with the opportunity to develop long term relationships with each of our clients based on the competence and performance of our management staff and employees. Our company is committed to our client's satisfaction, safety, quality, cost, schedule and the integrity of our people.

  • Client Satisfaction – Four Square continuously monitors client satisfaction and maintains open lines of communications to management for client convenience.
  • Safety – Four Square ensures a safe and efficient workplace both in the office and the field through continuous training and monitoring of all employees. Mandatory safety meetings, project hazard analysis and onsite project safety audits are some of the tools that help us maintain our excellent safety record.
  • Quality – Four Square thoroughly screens and tests all project supervisors and craftsman, prior to hiring, to assess their knowledge and capability and maintain continuous training after hiring in order to meet the highest standards of quality.
  • Cost – Four Square recognizes that each of our clients requires cost-effective products and services in order to maintain their competitiveness in the market place. Four Square’s professional staff offers you cost-effective products and services without sacrificing safety or quality.
  • Schedule - Maintaining the required schedule and keeping our clients fully informed as to the progress of their project is essential. Specific daily and weekly project completion objectives are established and monitored closely on each project. Corrective action is promptly initiated when necessary to ensure schedule compliance.
  • Integrity - The foundation for Four Square's reputation and the continuation of our relationships with each of our clients is the integrity of our company and as well as that of our employees. Four Square's employees will conduct themselves professionally and honestly at all times.

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