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Chain Lubrication Solutions

Lincoln Chain Oil Systems

It has been common practice in industry to utilize to drip oil brushes to apply lubricant to typical chain drive systems. Brushes are very popular for their low cost and ease of installation. These types systems do have their drawbacks such as over-lubrication as well as brush deformation from the continued strain of operation often leading to reduced effectiveness and frequent replacement.

For an organization looking to invest into an entry level automated system both SKF and Lincoln offer affordable options that accommodate brush and brush-less systems. Click here to learn more :           Centromatic            QuickLub 


SKF CLK Airless Spray System

SKF's CLK chain lubricator is a food grade, plug and play, lubrication system that is noted not only for its effectiveness in extending the life of chains but also for its ease of installation. Follow this Link to learn more about the SKF -- CLK 


ORSCO Precision Spray Systems

A majority of chain lubrication systems on the market are notorious for over lubricating chains which leads to wasted lubricant and product spoilage. Organizations that wish to greatly reduce their oil consumption, have a large number of chains, or need to service fast moving chains should give great consideration into implementing a new ORSCO precision spray system.

Click here to learn more about...          ORSCO SYSTEMS


Ultimately, If your organization is still lubricating chains by hand any of the above solutions will add a great deal of value to your plant's maintenance program. They all serve to reduce labor cost and the headache attached to maintaining and lubricating equipment. If you have any questions or are interested exploring the idea of adding a new lubrication system to your maintenance program please feel free to contact our dedicated lubrication engineer -- Cleve Hudspeth -- 804-748-5523 -- with more details about your application. 

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