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ORSCO Precision Oil Spray System

ORSCO® precision oil spray systems cover a large range of oil lubrication applications -- everything from from slow- to fast-moving chains of  any size. An ORSCO® precision spray system, however, is ideal for the lubrication of high speed chains or for critical applications such as those found in the food and beverage industry, which require minimal oil application.


Each spray nozzle is supplied by an injector pump that is cycled by a controller.  The cycle time is dependent on the lubricant requirement of the chain. For high demanding chains the injector pump would be cycled longer and for less demanding chains the pump would cycle for a shorter duration. The system has a minimum cycle time of 0.5 seconds for a great deal of flexibility.  During the operating cycle, oil and compressed air are first mixed within the spray nozzle body. The oil and spray air are then combined in the mixing chamber.  The spray air then transports the lubricant film to the nozzle opening at which point a fine mist will be delivered to your lubrication point.


ORSCO Precision Oil Spray systems are argued to be the most effective chain lubrication system on today's market. With an ORSCO System you can be confident that your chains are always in the optimum lubricating range' eliminating the "too much/ too little" factor. 

ORSCO... Eliminates Contamination 

ORSCO patented, Precision oil spray nozzles lubricate exactly where required with an accurate amount of lubricant to reduce product contamination. 

ORSCO... Consistently Sprays

ORSCO Systems are impressively able to dispense just .03ml of lubricant over a period exeeding 4 minutes. The spray pattern remains consistent even while a new drop of lubricant into the injector.


ORSCO... Greatly Increases Chain Life 

Percentage elongation is maintained at a consistently low level, even after 3000 hours of use. The end result being a chain life expectancy growing 5-10x longer than traditionally lubricated chains. 

ORSCO... Reduces Oil Consumption

If you calculate the true amount of lubricant that a chain actually needs for a specific application you would find that a majorit of automated and manual lubrication systems over lubricate. ORSCO delivers a continous with an ultra-fine, non-misting spray, exact amount of oil required to lubricate the chain. ORSCO Systems have been proven to reduce up to 90% of oil consumption compared to traditional lubrication methods. 

ORSCO Spray Pattern Demonstrations...


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